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TAGWORK business is to develop traceability with innovative technologies. The request of the companies today is to be able to monitor processes, objects/goods and tasks in order to increase the quality and quantity of information. The outsourcing of corporate work in many public and private organizations implies a cost that must remain under control.

For this reason, TAGWORK, in addition to barcodes , the QR Code and RFID, has developed systems based on NFC tags (Near Field Communication) a little-known technology in the industrial field but with great potential because it’s easy-to-use and easy to integrate in company processes.

The lack of structural requirements and wirings, necessary in other technologies, allows to obtain a perfect interaction of the process. The NFC applied to the world of business is synonymous with cost containment and workforce efficiency.

NFC technology

The NFC is an evolution of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Its meaning is Near Field Communication, "short-range communication" and is based on a wireless contactless system. The differences in the technical field are as follows:

  • The different frequencies: NFC operates on a fixed frequency of 13.56 MHz
  • The operating distance: NFC reaches four centimeters, RFID works over longer distances.
  • The use of electronic tags (Antennas TAG); rewritable and bidirectional.
  • Smartphone devices very common and affordable for everyone to interact with TAG.

NFC - Tagwork - Tracciabilità

The TAGWORK system

The proposed solution is based on three components:

  • Application Server / Web (Management Console) managed directly or by Cloud service (SaaS). Alternatively, you can manage by your own server.
  • A Mobile application named "App" through a common Android smartphone (work point).
  • TAG: small electronic chips packaged in different materials to resist to adverse atmospheric conditions or particular working circumstances in industrial environments. TAGs have different memory size and are able to be stored countless times with data and information that can be shared, traded, locked or encrypted.


Internal business services: access control, machine operators, warehouse management operators, employees in production processes.

External business services: equipment control, supervision employees, plant maintenance, health workers, environmental operators, marketing.



Machine operators

In many companies get accurate and timely information about working machines efficiency lead to a greater awareness of costs and margins needed to agree with clients the price of a particular provision. NFC TAGs placed on machines and used by workers can identify times and work phases by transferring the information using NFC enabled smartphones through TAGWORK software to the corporate system using Wi-Fi network and / or the Internet. TAGWORK software collects and makes available registered data for all statistics required.

Checking equipment

The control of the integrity of some devices in the enterprise involves work which in most cases is drawn only by paper. Operators must takes the data, send them to the information system and make them available to the back office. Using NFC technology to control devices lead to:

  • Optimization and organization in data entry, with the possibility to annotate, photograph anomalies and report faults and malfunctions.
  • Share in real time organized data with the administrative division, that now has the whole situation under control.


Control and supervision

Private security

Adopting NFC technologies for its external guards, the private security sector can:

  • Check in real time the service performed and certify to the customers the inspections carried out.
  • Has a precise location of the guards, obtained through a smartphone.
  • Has no need of work in the control center to collect information
  • Obtain a greater ability to plan roles and schedule of guards.
The system is based on TAGs applied to places to be monitored, on Smartphone and on our software.

Access control

The access control in the companies is widely applied: the NFC, with a small investments, can lead to better results. In addition to the card (Smart NFC), the system uses a reader (smartphone) that does not require wiring and setup. Thanks to the Management Console, the personnel manager can profile users and set different access rights for every employee.

NFC - Tagwork - Manutenzione Settore Pubblico

Public Maintenance

Streetlight and road signs maintenance

The Public administration needs to maintain the lighting system and the efficiency of road signs. The solution is to apply a TAGWORK TAG on every streetlight / road sign; workforce personnel with a smartphone can register its work by type, location and time of intervention. Employers may also register data, notes and images that are transmitted and inserted automatically in real time in the central system. The advantages for the maintenance management are multiple: • • •

  • greater efficiency;
  • a detailed statistical localization of interventions;
  • a depersonalization of functions that allows to outsources the job;
  • a complete and precise supervision on the work done.

Street furniture

The Public administration manages many assets: planters, crush barriers, platforms, dais, garbage containers and more. The management and the location within the territory, requires coordination and efforts to track goods and avoid private appropriation. TAGWORK solution allows to locate and monitor their use just through a NFC TAG codified and encrypted for each good. The location, in case of movement, is recorded simply approaching a smartphone (with TAGWORK App) to the NFC TAG of the good. Back office operators needs only to verify the system for information relating to movements or written notes or photographs made in the area.

NFC - Tagwork - Manutenzione settore Privato

Private Maintenance

Boilers Maintenance

Maintain the boiler allows to improve efficiency and durability, but it is also a periodic intervention required by law. In recent years, the regulation had a great impact in the procedures of maintenance. Using a NFC TAG on the boiler and through our software the worker is able, just with a smartphone, to: read the company database to view operations previously carried out, find the maintenance manual, drawn up the report and prepare documents required by law. The advantages are many:

  • all operations allow you to automatically update customer data;
  • planning and delivery interventions to the workers it’s easier;
  • central work is less, allowing you to focus only on particular cases.

Fire Management

Check the efficiency of fire system needs periodic visits required by law. The application of NFC, allows you to monitor every single device extinguisher, fire hydrant, fire door by applying a TAG and using a smartphone equipped with TAGWORK software. The operator has now available a comprehensive tool to track his work and make any necessary remark operations. He can draw up the report in real time and transmits it at headquarters and to customers via SMS. The staff in the office with TAGWORK realize the schedule of interventions, optimizing routes and reducing the effective manual job (entry report) only to cases reported for anomalies.

NFC - Tagwork - Gestione di Magazzino

Warehouse management

Industrial products warehouse

The warehouse for a company that produces different goods, requires careful management. Many times having full control of inventories and their movements make the difference between success and failure of a company. The traceability of the products can be achieved in different ways; but sometimes the type of products and the environment in which they are treated do not allow to obtain a satisfactory result. The NFC can be a good alternative; TAG placed on the shelves allow the administration to receive in real-time withdrawals or movement by the warehouse workers to get the actual stocks. The warehouse worker with a smartphone and TAGWORK application is able to get the information about the type of product, the orders to be processed and can verify the stock indicated by the system with the effective one, reporting any anomalies. TAG system can be integrated with any existing management system. The characteristics of TAG system are:

  • low investment in hardware: simple TAG reprogrammable and reusable many times, made from materials suitable for any corporate environment, efficient even in extreme conditions (high and low temperatures, atmospheric and chemical agents);
  • a network of smartphones that integrate phone, data sharing, GPS, images, voice commands;
  • a software able to integrate also the use of barcodes and able to be profiled for each workers depending on the role.
The software does not necessarily require the presence of dedicated servers but can work within a browser, while the data are controlled remotely. One of the benefits induced, is the verification of all activities efficiency recorded by the system.


Promotion and marketing

Local festival

The organization of an event in a country or in a city requires the circulation of information and the ability to make them accessible to as many people as possible. Attract and guide the tourist toward places of cultural interest and meeting points organized can be easy with the NFC. Placing TAG on information Totem, close to entrances, allow visitors to get information about the program simply bringing a smartphone. TAGWORK application proposes with vocal indications also the calendar, the description on the appointments, information on places of cultural interest, the meeting points (stand) and, if required, guide the tourist to reach them with GPS.

Store adverstising campaign

Advertising is the soul of business! NFC is a good system for stores to offer in an innovative way their products. The advertising of a showcase, maybe fascinating the chance to win a discount approaching customers smartphone to a NFC TAG, is able to catch, yet outside the store, the attention of the customers. In this way the customer can be intrigued to come physically to analyze the offer. Also inside you can guide the visitor with other TAG points to discover products or information about the current promotion. The contacts achieved will be available also for other promotional campaigns.

NFC - Tagwork - Sanità


Management cabinet pharmaceutical hospital

In every department there is a cabinet containing pharmaceutical drugs/medicines ready to use supplied by the hospital pharmacy. Many facilities are not wired today, and the creation of a network involves considerable investment and constant maintenance. A plotted organization and the restoring of stocks contained in the closet is possible with only a smartphone, using NFC TAGs and TAGWORK application. The staff responsible can access to the pharmaceutical cabinet approaching its identification TAG with the cabinet TAG simply bringing the smartphone near the two TAGs. The taking of necessary drugs/medicines, is tracked by TAGWORK software with bar codes and transmits to the database of the hospital pharmacy in real time the amount taken and stocks remaining. At administrative division, are being transmitted identification data: name of the operator, day and time of the withdrawals realized. The restoring of the quantity inside the cabinet of each department occurs always with the same logic. The solution enables significant savings in time, a centralized control and accurate track of all cabinets in the various departments.

Administering daily care to patients

Several times a day, the patients must follow medical treatment by assuming medicines. The use of medical record, is combined with a patient ID Tag: the health worker using the application TAGWORK is able to access the prescription and to update it in real time, showing the successful administration, the date , time, their ID and any additional notes. Each tag can be reconfigured easily and set to new patients.



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